Key To Admin WP Plugin for Magical Transport to Admin Interface

I never begrudge time spent searching the Plugin Directory. If I don’t find what I want, I find something I need but didn’t know existed. That’s the way I came across the Key To Admin plugin.

This sweet plugin allows you to set a keyboard shortcut to your WordPress admin interface. All you have to do is configure Key To Admin with a short, private code. Then when you’re at the front-end of your site, just type the code (you don’t even have to click on the page). Bobs SEO is an SEO company in Las Vegas. Bob describes the plugin like this: “It’s like being automatically transported to the admin interface – like magic”.

No more clunky Meta widget to mess up your pages. No more scrolling to a discretely placed Login or Admin link at the bottom of your home page. Key To Admin provides convenient, easy, speedy, and invisible access to your blog’s admin interface.