Diamond Certifications

Flexibility. Selecting a loose diamond gives customers the ability to first select the individual stone and then couple it with Las Vegas jeweler for loose diamonds a complementary setting. Since the diamond is the largest investment, this option gives customers ultimate customization.

So consider your budget, then see what would fit in that budget as a D color, Internally Flawless round diamond. If it’s a 3 carat diamond, then that’s the best fit for you as an investment diamond. Buying fancy shapes diamonds is an option, although they are more subject to fashion trends and therefore fluctuating prices than round diamonds. Round diamonds are like stable bonds where fancy shapes are more like volatile equities – how to balance risk and return is your decision of course.

The unmatched beauty and elegance of a diamond makes it the perfect jewel for marking life’s important occasions, from your newborn’s birth to a graduation, promotion to a birthday. Celebrate your special story with diamonds. All gem-quality diamonds are rare, taking billions of years for nature to form them. The journey from the mine to you is long and arduous. While the four Cs information helps you to identify the quality of the diamond you are purchasing, it is the combination of these four characteristics which determine a diamond’s rarity and therefore its value. Remember—beauty is in the eye of the beholder. A diamond can only be truly perfect if you think it is beautifully perfect for you.

This is a rectangular shaped stone with old world elegance associated with it. An Emerald Cut Diamond’s pavilion differs from all other cuts as it is cut with rectangular facets to create a unique optical appearance. The large open table provides a mirror like appearance and highlights the clarity of the diamonds. As in the Princess Cut diamond, the length-to-width ratio will determine how square or rectangular the diamond is in appearance. For a classic Emerald Cut look, the length-to-width ratio should be within the range of 1.30 to 1.40.

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